Lucid Corrosion - Thomas Wievegg

Lucid Corrosion - Thomas Wievegg The Body - she created humanity and is the embodiment of blind beauty

R O B O T P E N C I L: Rauin

This is the work of Anthony Jones, a concept artist previously employed at Sony's Santa Monica studio, and a man who can draw both monsters and robots better than almost anyone else on Earth.

concept for the board game : Conan (on kickstarter) www.kickstarter.com/projects/8…

Conan by naiiade male barbarian fighter shield dual-wielding axes handaxes armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

sekigan: Muddy Colors: Thor 2 Concept Art & An Art Book

Justin Sweet and Vance Kovacs is raising funds for The Art of Eclipse: The Well and the Black Sea on Kickstarter! The next great collaboration from some of the artistic minds behind the Narnia films, Avengers and Thor present a full color artbook.