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Rocket stove with heated bench.

Thermal Mass Rocket Stove with heated bench, planning on making a tank with a back wall "mass heater" to keep temps higher in the winter for the fish

cob rocket stove instructions

This year I created another rocket stove mass heater. I have to admit, when I constructed the Moonunit Rocket, I was flying by the seat of my pants.

Rocket stove mass heater at CalEarth

Geoff Lawton Visits Cal-Earth Permaculture Course - The Permaculture Research Institute

Russian rocket thermal mass heater | MHA News - 2012 Meeting at Wildacres

Rocket Stoves & Masonry Heaters both improve wood stove efficiency with a design that's easy to build and use, and adaptable for cooking and heating.

mass rocket heater | Rocket mass heater in a Shamen center in France. From "Rocket stoves ...

13 DIY rocket stove designs to heat your home, boil water or grill a steak. Build the perfect thermal mass heater or cook surface for any survival scenario.

This efficient wood stove will heat your home cheaper and more efficiently than fossil fuel alternatives.

Bedroom rocket thermal mass heater

If you are reading this and interested in the technical aspect of Rocket stoves you may want to scroll down to the last part of the post where there is a description of what we actually built.