Tiny People’s Big Adventures In A World Of Food by William Kass

Kon-Tua-Jew by PeeOwhY

I Capture Miniature People Dealing With Everyday Life Objects

Artist Captures Miniature People Dealing With Everyday Life Objects (By PeeOwhY)

immagine di Pinterest, foto scattate, vari cibi e oggetti. Quest'immagine mi ha colpito per la creatività e le varie situazioni rappresentate.

Miniature Calendar by Tanaka Tatsuya

Macro photographer David Gilliver proves it’s a small world after all

Surreal scenarios by macro photographer David Gilliver. The Guernsey-based finance worker, who began producing the little people series at the tail end of uses a DSLR camera and a macro lens to capture his unique snapshots of life in Smallville.

Fantastic image. Swiss Cheese hole diggers.

Miniature photography Photograph making holes in cheese by sairacaz (Abad Torres) on