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Bunny Bread rolls...So Cute!  First saw this on Facebook but they said frozen dough could be used.  Form the rolls, then Snip/Lift/Shape ears during rising & carve eyes once baked. Homemade dough recipe is linked to picture.

Here’s a nice and simple recipe for little bunny bread rolls to serve as a side dish to any meal (also cute party ideas). You don’t have to wait for Easter, you can make them all year round.

Pasen komt binnenkort weer aan. Hier alvast een ideetje om met je klas uit te proberen.  Nodig : eitje, ballon, behangerslijm en wol.

Use PVA glue (take home while still wet then burst balloon a couple of days later).

I don't know what this but someday I would like to try!

Edible Decorations for Easter Meal with Kids, 25 Creative Presentation and Food Design Ideas

Pagona goudinoudi

In Turkish but basically, almond cookies with chocolate chips as eyes, almond laid sideways as beak and fork marks as feet. Would be fun to make a batch to bring to a get-together.

LOVE this idea for Valentine's Day, but instead of stapling the hands together I want to insert a heart with the words “I am bananas about you!” Free download for monkey pattern

Easy Monkey Banana Treats - Free Printable

1 min turning cooked egg into a bunny - super cool and easy trick

A picture is worth a thousand words in creating this Eggs-tra Special Easter Egg Bunny. The pictorial inspires and offers instructions for a surprising easy Recipe for Fun. We are having a practice. (ideas for presentations kids)


shaping technique for yeast dough (breads, deep-fried cinnamon twist donuts, etc)


"leuk om met de kinderen te knutselen" which means, more or less, 'tinker fun with the kids'

Cute eggs

Use your favorite Deviled Egg recipe, with this cute Easter themed twist! Deviled Easter Egg Chicks are a great way to get kids to try Deviled Eggs!

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

'tree' stick into a biscuit cube (with pre-baked skewer hole). Weigh down with marzipan/strong icing and stick to serving tray (or they could be stuck in creatively covered foam bases).

#AMTH (christmas food party ideas kids)

What a cool creative idea for packing kid snacks for school!

¿Ha oído alguna vez la palabra kawaii? es un adjetivo del idioma japonés que puede ser traducido al español como “lindo” o “tierno”. Este término ha tenido cabida dentro de la cultura popular japonesa, en el entretenimiento, en la moda, en la comida, juguetes, apariencia, conducta y hábitos personales. El poder de esa palabra es casi místico, …

Need these faces on cake pops! Make the cheeks in light blue and they could pass a baby face cookies.