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Leo Valdez, sassiest demigod around other than Persassy<<< I think Leo has more sass than Percy because Leo had like 5 books and he was just as sassy as Percy in 10 books

Percy Jackson/The Mortal Instruments crossover

U know this is sad cause it is true. Leo had such a hard history and the only person he relies on is himself. He jokes around and smiles because it hides the pain and loneliness. :-(<< it's a TMI reference (it's Jace and Clary in CoB)

I would take Percy. He could swim us out. But Percy didn't even answer :(

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Poor Leo... And funny

Leo Valdez :D this is so accurate Leo would so make a spoon hat. And then he'd go battle some monsters in it while making smart aleck comment about they're never gonna have a hat as cool as his.