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Oblivion vs Skyrim Pinned it twice because it is so true...

Oblivion vs Skyrim so freaking true I felt like they weren't even trying in skyrim half the time it felt that I was playing the same question over and over again

My friends all have this problem.  I'm the only one that goes for main quests.

Honestly I've gone through the first 15 level ups of skyrim without doing anything past becoming a thane of whiterun and I've barely done any of the quests I've got lined up

CLICK TO WATCH: DIY a Skyrim tee. Would do this with all my favorite games

Well shoot, it looks like my boyfriend & I are gonna be making DIY Skyrim shirts this summer.

Reasons Skyrim is one of the best video games ever.

okay, but in the sims you can have a job and a house.I think we know which one is crazier >>>> you can also have a house, a job, and still be able to raise 7 kids at once, and over the course of a few generations you can have up to 100 kids

Gethekemtayem dohtyoodtnehtkothekemdoht ohtneht is how you say "GEEEET DUNKED ON!!" I think anyway

I always say stuff in dragon language to my brother cause he doesn't understand what I'm saying, now I can use this

Thank Talos!  (Just the other day I was playing Freelancer and the game crashed.  Thank Talos for a timely autosave.)

Thank Talos!

Until it saves literally seconds before you get killed and have to watch in misery as you die again and again with no chance of avoiding your death. Then with a heavy heart, you have to quit the game and load a save from 2 hours ago

I read an amazing fic about the opposite glitch once, where a horse just falls out of the sky out of nowhere

One of my horses died while fighting a dragon so I fast traveled to the closest stables and there was all my horses in a circle.

Altmer High elves and Heimskr

Every time I "bump into" a trio of Thalmor on the road, I get overwhelmed with the urge to torment them until the attack and I "just have to defend myself"

Yeah I was waiting to get stronger and the suddenly I lost the main quest in the sea of quests...

Yeah I was waiting to get stronger and the suddenly I lost the main quest in the sea of quests.