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How do you setup yours?


Question There's loads of info and diagrams on the layout and the wiring BUT I've been told if i don't install an on/off switch then there's no need for the diode and the addition capaci

Notice the twisted wire then coiled. Also, small copper tube with hole secured via a screw: simple and effective.

Instead, it voiced worries about the effects of ecigarettes on non-smokers – for whom they could serve as a “gateway” to nicotine addiction and smoking – and on young people, pregnant women and unborn children.

▶ Vaping Tips - How to Wick Your Coil (4 methods - dual and single) - YouTube

Vaping Tips - How to Wick Your Coil methods - dual and single)

coil builds vape | The videos on all thsese builds can be found HERE...

:blush: [media] Build Name: "Dragon" Resistance Coil: Kanthal round wire Number of Coil: 1 Coil.

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Lord of the Coils. By @windommorris.  #lordoftherings #onetorulethemall #vape…

Not quite vape related, but still coils! Lord of the Coils.