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Rhinelander warmblood. How many warmblood sport horse registries does Germany have? A lot. And bloodlines are freely mixed - except for the purebred Trakehner. Breeding a Hanoverian to a Hanoverian-Oldenburg cross at the Oldenburg stud farm makes the resulting foal an Oldenburg. Strange. But the proof is in the results. Along with the Dutch KWPN, German warmbloods rule the world of international competition.

How many warmblood sport horse registries does Germany…

Cleveland Bay stallion Kirkmoor Elderberry Flower

Cleveland Bays are a bay breed of horse. These warmblood-type horses are England’s oldest breed. They’re very athletic and their sensible temperament means they were used for anything and everything. So how did they become rare? World War II, that’s how.

Anglo-Karachai stallion Bej Bulat (born 1990). Karachai is closely related to Kabardiner and it has been thought that Karachai is nowadays only a strain inside Kabardiner breed. Anyway, Karachais and Kabardiners are crossed with TB's to create a more refined and bigger horses.

Now that I love to ride I'm dying for a large all black gorgeous horse :)

Tintaras Callisto Australian Stock Horse stallion

All About Dilute Horses is a website about dilute horses and ponies. As an owner and breeder of cream dilutes, and lover of all the dilute equine colours,