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Medinilla-8091... how lovely, i'd love to try this houseplant(grows to zone 10 and is a houseplant outside it's zone).. just a beauty.

Medinilla magnifica, showy is a species in the genus Medinilla native to the Philippines. This species of Medinilla is also commonly known as the Philippine orchid, and it is an epiphyte.

James Day Photography - Protea

The flower in my armband signifying Lunel, her friendship, the things I learned from her, etc James Day Photography - Protea

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Orange blossoms are so beautiful and smell incredible. We love using the floral water and essential oil created from this bloom in our products because of it's anti-aging and anti-anxiety properties.

Magnificent Medinilla

Magnificent Medinilla

moldavia: “ Dorothea Barth Jörgensen in Cover November 2012 by Sigurd Grünberger ”


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Prickly pear - We used to carve our names in the small leaves and watch the leaves grow larger and further up in the air as the plant grew.

Gorgeous leaf.  Source: happymundane.com

Hawaii 2014 + Catalyst

No matter where you live, you can still relax under a palm tree or experience a little taste of the exotic!