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Masdevallia brachyura

Masdevallia brachyura is a species in the Masdevallia genus.

Orchids in Bloom: masdevallia

Orchids in Bloom: Masdevallia decumana 'Nancy' CCM/AOS

Bulbophyllum lobbii 'Kathy's Gold' AM/AOS

Orchid-Mimicry: Flowers of Bulbophyllum lobbii 'Kathy's Gold' mimicking the Scorpion.

Masdevallia shuttryana

(Masdevallia caudata x Masdevallia coccinea) Very old hybrid, registered in 1892 Grown by Anna S.

Orchids in Bloom: Masdevallia glandulosa

Masdevallia glandulosa is another small species from Ecuador. Its flowers are unique both for the tiny glandular hairs for which the plant .

Masdevallia limax "The Slug-Like Masdevallia" | Family: Orchidaceae. Found in southwestern Ecuador at altitudes of 1400 to 2400 meters.  It is a mini-miniature sized, cool to cold growing epiphyte.

Masdevallia limax, found in southwestern Ecuador. It is a miniature-sized, cold-growing epiphyte.

Picture/Photo: Trichocentrum candidum. A species orchid

Trichocentrum candidum or The White Trichocentrum. Found in Mexico, Guatemala and to Costa Rica at elevations of 800 to 1000 meters. A species orchid

Hunabu Victory ' Brenda Havenor' HCC/AOS is a new Orange Cattleya Mericlone that…