The hardware for the main door is made locally

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Exterior Dutch Doors | Wooden 4x7 Dutch Door with Window

Learn how to build wooden Dutch door using our free Dutch door construction plans with materials list.

A Solid Cast Iron Bean Gate Kit with Drop Bar, Thumb Latch, & Gate Stop that can be used as a decorative and useful latch and lever for gates, doors, garage

Rustic wood door style.

Strangely at this time Mr. Turner refused to leave his house. He was said to be sick and grieving his friends death.

period planked door with door lining and architrave

Plank oak door and frame, aged and polished, complete with latch and hinges

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If the proliferation of barn doors in homes, restaurants, and everywhere else but actual barns is any indication, then yes.

My front door i built

Search for our thousands of Interior Wood Doors available in a variety of designs, styles, and finishes.

❧ Wooden door knobs & latches

Lovely handmade wooden door latches