Batman is a Pretty Pretty Princess

Batman is a Pretty Pretty Princess

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Russian Photographer Alexander Turchanin took these beautifully awesome photos of several different female models cosplaying some of our favorite characters from The Hobbit

Women Cosplay as Male Characters from THE HOBBIT

Gandalf from "The Hobbit" Genderswapped Cosplay Photography by Alexander Turchanin

Fem Varric

Varric Cosplay (Dragon Age: Inquisition) // Costume by Amie Lynn, Clovache, and Dinopoopie // Photo by: Scott English Photo // Retouching by: Saffels Photography

Beautiful Gender Swapped “The Hobbit” Cosplay

Russian photographer, Alexander Turchanin, re-imagines the characters from ‘The Hobbit’ by photographing women cosplayers dressed as male characters. The gender-swapped cast includes Gandalf, Bilbo (or should we say, […]

The Best Johnny Depp Costume All In One #cosplayclass #cosplay

mitchwagner: “New York Comics Con attendee cosplays as every Johnny Depp character at once. ▼ Reshared Post From Bruce Baugh ▼ Someone at New York Comics Con chose Every Johnny Depp Character for his.

Oh my gosh one of the best cosplayer I have ever seen...

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Genderbent Morrigan. I approve

A genderbend cosplay of Dragon Age's Morrigan. Wonder if a female Warden would be more likely to go through with the Dark Ritual if it involved her and a male Morrigan. ~Morrigan Cosplay Genderbend by Aicosu