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I have never and will never fit into any fucking box. I tried for awhile and felt numb and restrained. I'm not doing that anymore. Fuck the box.

Some people will only​ like you if you fit inside thier box. Don't be afraid to shove that box up thier ass.



Wow people these days

People at my school are like " I don't get involved in drama" but then they turn around and call Harry Styles, a person they admitted to know nothing about, who is probably the nicest person in the world, a dick.

It makes me feel like I have to censor myself. I hate censorship. So fuck you and your lack of swearing!

swearing is a great stress reliever, especially if you have a high stress job. I don't mean swearing at people.I mean random words pouring from your mouth while in friends company!

I'll keep my shit public just for you to creep on me (:

Or if you keep contacting someone's family and friends after they have blocked you so that you can get attention. Get help bitch!

Bahaha this just happened to me & I was too excited.

hahaha this is actually the thought that runs through my head when I see this! So funny hydrated pee