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Key babe, your eyes looks better than mine. And you supposed to be a BOY. Sincerely, me.

Can someone please tell me from where come from that name

His name is Minho/// I dont like this picture at all . but joke was funny

when you're a Shawol and you want to say "All of them" #shinee

when you're a Shawol and you want to say "All of them"

So true. But my main bias would be Key. I love you SHINee!

Minho, Taemin, and Key of SHINee

~SHINee: Minho, Taemin and Key~ Oh, it is very funny, Taemin. Especially to Key.

You are close to achieving that..yupp

Totaaaaaally a great year for shinee. Ain’t that great

SHINee.  One of those rare moments where Onew is the normal looking one.  (.gif set).

What the fuck Taemin what the fuck minho what the fuck Jonghyun what the fuck Key, Oh, hey Onew :D

Yes! Key sometimes thinks he's not handsome because of the rest of SHINee members are just extra handsome but you do you, Key! You da sassiest and best fashionista in the whole group!

Hahha omg 😂 Key was surprised by his male fan, he probably got embarrassed 😂😍😍 Anyways, just think about how happy that guy must've been! He got acknowledged by his bias

Taemin (SHINee) just likes Onew's thighs

Taemin (SHINee) just likes Onew's thighs. I love how Onew laughs and points like it's so absurd

SHINee's thoughts...before I even clicked, I knew Onew's caption had to be about Chicken. Lol

SHINee's thoughts...

Ever since the mv came out i've been waiting for this macro to come out