Tobias what r u doing standing at the top u should be on the bottom to help Tris up don't screw up the movie please!

Books taught me lots of things. So before you hate, see how many lives they've saved.

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The Maze Runner, Divergent, Twilight, Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Vampire Academy

Maze Runner Divergent Twilight Percy Jackson The Mortal Instruments Harry Potter The Hunger Games Vampire Academy


Divergent Official Movie Site In Theaters and IMAX March 21 divergent divergent_movie film movie bust_magazine shailene_woodley tris_prior t.

Don't Underestimate Us, We Are Stronger Than You Think! Picture Quote. Sayings. Motivational Words.

Tris (Divergent) Katniss (hunger games), Lucy pevensie (narnia) hermoine granger (harry potter) percy jackson, the mortal instruments.

She didn't get the flag down! Christina did because it was to high for Tris to reach and in a tree

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ Veronica this is all on you. You put out our fire that was suppose to last a lifetime.

Control your fear.

Becoming fearless isn't the point. It's impossible. It's learning how to control you fear and how to be free from it. Another amazing quote from the book!

Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, The Mortal Instruments

Para sobrevivir a la fantasia" Percy Jackson, harry potter, Divergent, hunger games, maze runner and the mortal instruments