True story, data! I went all the way to Israel with 6 skeins of yarn. Just in case, you know!

This is so true. I have been debating what yarn to take because I have so many projects going.

I like big....

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What I wish someone told me when I started crocheting! tips for newbies <3

6 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Started Crocheting

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Knitting cartoons are too funny!

Hey look.....a tshirt with obamas voters on it! (Where’s Waldo - Sheep version)

Where’s Wooldo?

Where’s Wooldo? Do you supposed this is where self-striping yarn comes from?

true that, sometimes even thru the pain

Very true words indeed. Being a fiber artist is definitely my calling, it is a blessing to be able to create and heal at the same time.

It's not just sheep, it's dogs, cats, the raccoon raiding my bird feeder, people with ombre hair. It's good to be a spinner!

I actually tried to convince my family to get either a couple of sheep or a few alpacas so that I could have amazing hand dyed yarn.