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Bang Yongguk (crucial) Eye Appreciation We all know Yongguk’s smile is a fandom favourite, but I just thought I’d bring attention to how his eyes kind of grab attention?

This is so true  It hasn't been a year since I joined this fandom but stanning this group makes me so happy! They had to undergo so much trouble but yet B.A.P keeps on being strong. They are one of the most talented and passionate idols I know. I hope they keep on living there dreams and doing what they believe in. Babyz will always be there to support them no matter what! B.A.P Hwaiting! BABYz Hwaiting!

Their versatility is one of the things that I respect B.P so much for :)

#BAP #용국

The guy I've missed so much and his porn hair is fvcking sexy TuT

I'm in love with his smile.  Yongguk is too adorable!! ❤❤

My heart broke into a million pieces when I heard about his panic disorder today. I hope he recovers well, can't wait to see him smiling again ❤️

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