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Specialists have started engineering and surveying work on the route for the TAPI project, state newspaper said.

Photo: Turkmenistan speeds up construction of East-West pipeline

TransCanada — AFL-CIO President Terry Moore Supports Keystone XL Pipeline — Time To Build KXL - YouTube

Terry Moore, President of the Omaha Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, speaks about TransCanada's Keystone XL Pipeline and the benefits for American labor and the.

Keystone XL Pipeline — Protecting The Environment — TransCanada - YouTube

Ruth Jensen grew up in Nebraska and her job at TransCanada is to protect the environment during construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Keystone says that only 2000 jobs will be created in the USA, Boehner promises "tens of thousands". That's only one of the lies Boehner is telling about the Keystone Pipeline. Why is Boehner lying? Because he owns shares in 7 Canadian oil companies and will profit handsomely if the pipeline is built.

John Boehner Lies And Won't Tell America About His Personal Investment in Keystone XL

Keystone XL Pipeline — Respect For Your Land — Time To Build KXL - YouTube

"This Nebraska farm had another great harvest," explains Pat Morgan, a Community Relations Specialist with TransCanada.

TransCanada — Keystone XL Pipeline — Let's Get It Done — Short - YouTube

In the wake of President Obama's June 25 speech on climate change at Georgetown University, TransCanada has launched a new series of advertisements aimed at .

Republicans Vote Against Their Own Survival as the Top 14 Child Poverty States Are Red

To be fair, not ALL Republican voters hate America. Most are just ignorant Fox News viewers who never read anything but their bible and their NRA and American Family Foundation newsletters.

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Obama's Keystone Pipeline Delay Could Shore Up Green Support