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Aerial view of Syncrude Aurora tar sands mine in the Boreal Forest north of Fort McMurray, Alberta (Greenpeace / Jiri Rezac )

Alberta Tar Sands Boom Poses Economic And Other Serious Risks to Canada: Report

Coleman Crafts - SELECTED COLLECTION; ETSY About Page - https://www.etsy.com/shop/Colemancrafts/about?ref=shopinfo_about_leftnav

EUR/USD: JP Morgan advises selling under or buying above

Avaaz - Who will stop the next genocide? | Please SIGN and share petition. Thanks.

In just 2 days’ time, African leaders could kill off a great institution, leaving the world a more dangerous place.

Stop the KXL Pipeline NOW!! Before it's too late... AGAIN.

MichaelLoBurgio on

Crude awakening: Exxon’s Arkansas oil spill ain’t pretty [SLIDESHOW]

Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve coastline. The Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve preserves one of the largest remaining examples of coastal wetland habitats in the southern California sub-region.

- Estuaries: Coastal Climate Change Bellwethers - New report highlights key role of national estuaries in monitoring effects of climate change on coastal ecosystems

The Most Uplifting Video You Could Watch Right Now In The Midst Of All The Racist B.S. Out There | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action

The Most Uplifting Video You Could Watch Right Now In The Midst Of All The Racist B. Out I love the little girl in the blue tank top, she could be on TV!

Seattle, USA

29 powerful images from protests worldwide

Please WATCH and SHARE!!!! Bill McKibben: On Sept. 21st, Draw the Line on Keystone XL. Go to 350.org to find an event near you. Keystone XL must be STOPPED!

For the past two years, a grassroots movement has erupted to confront President Obama over the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. On September we wi.

7.30.14 - States can benefit economically by using wind power to meet new EPA carbon rule - “Wind energy provides a substantial opportunity as a reliable and affordable compliance option under the draft rule,” .. director of the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Coalition, will testify. ..a recent study by PJM, the regional grid operator for 13 Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states... found that wind .. could power 30 percent of its power grid, “while reducing wholesale prices by billions.”

Planet Earth Documentary - Ten Ways to Destroy Planet Earth - Full Lengt.

PETITION: Act Now to Save Iran Deal! | United For Peace and Justice

What the American people are reminded of with the warmonger's criticism of diplomatic efforts is that Republicans abhor peace nearly as much as they love killing jobs.

Poverty & Slavery

Republicans Dream of a Nation of Wage Slaves After Obama Changes Overtime Pay Rules

Some people are just stupid and some take money to be selectively stupid. Boehner is a difficult call.

5 Paesi emergenti scelgono le energie rinnovabili #energYnnovation

Do you want to help protect our environment and make a good living? Check out this list of great sustainability careers, some of which don’t require a college degree.

United States avoids calamity in "fiscal cliff" drama

Bigger fights loom after "fiscal cliff" deal

Daily Kos: Reports: Boehner privately says he will let Democrats raise the debt limit

We’ve heard the right wing spin machine call President Obama a King who has brazenly attempted to usurp power. A Christian Publication said our president is deceitful and added this: (President Obama) …behaves like a king, a dictator – someone who believes that his own pronouncements have the force of law, and who thinks he can [...]

~ ALEC Members Refuse to Sign a Pledge Supporting Democracy - ALEC members and Republicans working for the Koch brothers' hate democracy.