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Green Thumb: The Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow In Your Home

Green Thumb: Our Favorite Indoor Plants to Grow In Your Home

We have brown thumbs, but these indoor plants are pretty foolproof. Add some life and greenery to your space with these indoor plants.

The Best Indoor Plants and How to Keep them Alive and Thriving

Beautiful houseplant arrangement.

How to make the most of house plants

House plants breathe life into interiors, while cleaning the air as they grow- The Guardian. I'd love a whole range of leafy foliage to add nature into my home

Cactus bowl - what a cool idea! Great to brighten up an office because it's so low maintenance.

Create a mini garden-using cactus plants that are low-maintenance and don’t require too much space or watering.// Mini Cactus Garden Full of Color and Design

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Cute little cactus area. So many different types of cacti and they are getting the perfect sun. Boho idea for plants