Hollyhock Alcea 'Halo Cerise'. Planted in 2014; bloomed the first year. Collected seed and planted more in 2015 which should bloom in 2016.

Hollyhock Alcea 'Halo Cerise' Late blooming, plant near Sunflowers for late summer, fall color.

Hollyhock - Alcea Rosea. I love hollyhocks as a tall back border...

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Holly Hock - Alcea Rosea one of my granny's favourite flowers along with tulips and lily of the valley

Hollyhocks, from the Happy at Home blog.. An old fashioned favorite flower for classic country gardens.

Hi~ I am a big shabby chic fan. I also love anything that makes a room or space cozy, pretty, and.

Cherry-eyed single Apricot Hollyhock (Alcea ‘Halo Apricot') 5' tall cottage garden perennial. By Annies Annuals & Perennials

Cherry-eyed single Apricot Hollyhock (Alcea ‘Halo Apricot') tall cottage garden perennial successful growing this year.

my mother instilled the love of hollyhocks in me as a child and I am so happy that she did :)

hollyhocks grow very well here in East Anglia - must plant a few more by my garden gate this year.

Hollyhocks, or as they are officially called - alcea, continue to be a favorite among gardeners seeking to add gorgeous color and height to specific parts of their landscapes or gardens.   Unfortunately, the fear of rust has resulted in some...

How to Grow Hollyhocks

Holly Hocks~one of the oldest known flowers.

Hollyhock: a lot of sun once established, they were reasonably drought tolerant. Also, since they are biennial, I knew that it would be 2 years before my hollyhocks would bloom.

Delphinium 'Centurion Lilac Blue Bicolor' - Plant these pretty new *blue* perennial flowers for years of blooms in your cottage garden. Perennials come up every year so plant once to enjoy for many summers!

Delphinium x cultorum 'Centurion Lilac Blue Bicolour' Hybrid - Perennial & Biennial Seeds - Thompson & Morgan apparently don't need staking