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'Apple Pie" Daffodil

New Apple Pie Split Corona Daffodils Apple Pie Narcissus Stunning tangerine-orange cup with a gold-yellow center. The background of vanilla-white petals adds to its appeal. Easy to grow and a good naturalizer. Bulb size cm in circ.

Narcissus Sail Boat

Buy Narcissus 'Silver Smiles' by post from R.

little yellow flowers

Think you know what these flowers look like? From frilly or spiky, yellow to pink, our 10 picks prove that the bulb is far from basic. Plant a few now for a dazzling display next spring.

Narcissus Orange Mane

You can enhance your outdoor flower garden with beautiful daffodil flowers. Shop daffodil bulbs & learn more about planting daffodils from White Flower Farm.

Jonquilles <3 <3 <3 *****

Gender: Feminine Place a daffodil on your altar while casting a love spell. Daffodils bring love and fertility. (Plus it's my birth flower 💛)

Daffodils They are native to meadows and woods in Europe, North Africa and West Asia, with a center of distribution in the Western Mediterranean.