fandom tattoos "

And repost to spread this to more and more people!>>>yas>>>>>I am! Frozen's symbol is a snowflake?>>yes it is>>>>guys I don't have enough wrist

Somebody do this please

Doctor Who Push off a cliff: "Ricky" Micky Smith Set on fire: Clara Have a relationship with: Captain Jack Harkness Marry: Rose Tyler Wrap a blanket around: Amelia Pond Be a roommate with: Donna Noble


the Venn diagram of characters I like and the ones that die is a circle. never had a favorite character make it until the end the of book

Fandoms. The Fault In Our Stars, Harry Potter, The Infernal Devices, Divergent, The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians

the Fault in our stars, Harry Potter Infernal Devices, Divergent Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games Percy Jackson can I change the "N" to Narnia

Hey guys! It would mean the world to me if you would go follow my Instagram at Maiagallo14!! Thanks so much! I'll follow you back!>> I do calm if ya know its  Calum Ashton Luke Michael.. kinda calm I like that calm id do that one anytime

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harry potter doctor who sherlock fangirling supernatural Benedict Cumberbatch tom hiddleston Merlin fangirls horrible histories

Welcome to Fandom February! All posts in the month of February will be on the topics of fandoms, whether it is a single group or all of them!

The ones I recognize:harry potter sherlock homes doctor who supernatural game of thrones avengers hunger games star wars star trek avatar adventure time divergant city of bones pokemone molders watchmen the california bear?

Beliebers vs almost every other fandom on Tumblr<--- This is beautiful <-- Much bloodshed, so happy *

Beliebers vs almost every other fandom on Tumblr

Beliebers vs almost every other fandom<--- This is beautiful. <--- the thing is about Supernatural is the fact that it is part of a big group called SuperWhoLock. <--- the Merlin fandom has your back too SPN fandom!

Click the pic and read the post about how fiction changes us. This goes to prove why I love books and stories so freaking much.

Fiction is Life Changing

FANDOMS UNITE hunger games percy jackson maze runner mortal instruments the fault in our stars harry potter divergent

Katy Perry E.T. fandom mashup with song lyrics; Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, Xmen, and more

Just meme it!

This started as Superwholock. then became every other fandom too. Katy Perry's "E.EVERY fandom there ever was and ever will be. so awesome.