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Skov Mennesker
Look at the reconstruction of this prehistoric woman. She is called as the Magdalenian Woman after the Magdalenian period of Paleolithic Europe. The Paleolithic culture existed in Europe between 17...
RICHARD III based on facial reconstruction of the skull.
These 50 Photos From The Past Are Shocking And Hilarious. I Can't Believe How Things Have Changed...
Neanderthal child (reconstruction).  After four-years of hard work, scientists have fully sequenced and decoded the Neanderthal genome Neanderthals and modern humans have the same FoxP2 gene sequence – meaning Neanderthals were capable of communication if not full-blown language All anatomically modern humans share at least some Neanderthal DNA. Europeans and Asians (-4%) and Africans (+/-1.8%).
2008 - Neanderthal Male & Female - reconstructions by Elisabeth Daynès
Lifelike reconstruction of a Neanderthal man - Neanderthal museum, Mettmann, Germany
Neanderthal skull reconstruction. Such reconstructions used to look a lot more primitive. Go figure.
The myth: Neanderthals couldn’t speak; they grunted    It has been long believed that Neanderthals couldn’t speak like humans – having only a basic capacity for sound in their throats, but in 1983, scientists found a Neanderthal hyoid bone at a cave in Israel which was identical to that of modern humans. This means that their capacity for speech is the same as our own. There is no reason to believe that they did not have at least a basic system of vocal communication.
Female Neanderthal. The size of birth canal shows that Neanderthal childbirth was about as difficult as in present-day humans.