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Katniss Raid Hairstyle

Learn how to create this Katniss inspired Dutch braid hairstyle in support of the Hunger Games premiere!

I am in a crazy busy hurry today. I have loads to do...so you get a picture tutorial.

Hair Today: I don't know what to call this.so we'll go go with criss-cross braid on top. Miss E hair do!

How to Grow Out Your Little Girl’s Bangs

How to Grow Out Your Little Girl’s Bangs (gonna need this if I decide to cut them)

I can't wait to do this with Connie's hair again :) once her bangs grow out a little more

How To: Little Girl Bang Braid

French braid basics for those of us who still have trouble with it..

Back to Basics- The French Braid - easiest tutorial I've found! I finally got my hair into a French braid!