Storkenæb, blomstrer, passer sig selv, og holder ukrudtet nede. Geranium (Cranesbill)

Cranesbill / Pracht-Storchschnabel (Geranium x magnificum 'Rosemoor') this morning in our garden - Frankfurt-Nordend Large On Black

G is for Geranium.  If you cut off the stems containing dying flowers, the plant will replenish itself and thrive all summer long.

Geraniums - start new plants by placing cutting in a vase of water. Replant once roots grow.


Blue Zebra Primrose (primula acaulis zebra blue) by Steven J Gibb


Rudbeckia (Rudbeckia is a plant genus in the sunflower family. The species are commonly called coneflowers and black-eyed-susans; all are native to North America and many species are cultivated in gardens for their showy yellow or gold flower heads.