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Gefjon FRODIGHED, VÆKST, LANDBRUG, FREMGANG, PLANTER, MAGI. Hun er mor til fire kæmpesønner,som hun forvandlede til okser, som hun brugte til, at pløje landet med. Hun var engang en del af Asernes kreds, og det siges, at hun siden pløjede  Sjælland og tog det som sit land, hvor hun blev stammoder til Skjold. Det siges, at jomfruer, der dør, kommer i hendes tjeneste.

Queen of Time and Space by *la-esmeralda on deviantART--I find the crown a very interesting design.


My favorite Greek goddess- Athena - Goddess of Wisdom, Strategy and Combat. Zeus' favorite child born from his own head. The ideal daughter.

The Enchanted Cove

"Hail to the Queen" Anna Claire posing for a birthday shoot. Photo by Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography. Anna Claire in vintage wedding dress with a crown fit for the young queen.

.#renaissance revival

Flemish Painting-Inspired Portraits - Photographer Sacha Goldberger is Influenced by Rembrandt (GALLERY)

Winter Wild by Autumn Wilson

She is white. She blends in with the whiteness of the cold snow and her eyes are the color of ice and can cast a glare just as cold. Her clothes are almost the same color as her skin. White and flawless. She is the Snow Queen.

Eira russian blue and gold princess so many pearls fairy tale fashion

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Eira russian blue and gold princess so many pearls fairy tale fashion

ppc: "The ancient Baba Yaga is the wild old crone guardian of the Water of Life and Death. Goddess of Death and Birth

Baba Yaga - kicking a** since the Middle Ages. -seems a bit like a version of the Hindu Goddess Kali or the Celtic Morrigon! Baba Yaga is a major power of crone wisdom.