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Officer Resigns After Viral Video Made Him ‘Internet Famous’ for Pulling Gun on Kids

Texas Cop Pulls Gun On Black Teens At Pool Party, Police Have Eric Casebolt Suspended Over Video

ROPE AND CHAINS Obama Has Been "One Bad Apple" ... He is rotten to the core and has Totally Set America Back.

ROPE AND CHAINS Obama Has Been "One Bad Apple" ... He is rotten to the core and has Totally Set America Back.

Mincemeat Apple Pie: Great tasting, just bad looking. This is what happens when I'm not paying attention when removing the pie from the oven.

Easy Mincemeat Pie

Mincemeat pie has British origins and is often served around Thanksgiving and Chrismas. This easy mincemeat pie is made with store-bought mincemeat.

You’ve probably experienced times when one bad apple — one negative person — did spoil the bunch by creating a negative atmosphere. But can the opposite work, too? Can one good apple improve the whole bunch? Give it a try today! Put on a smile and share a positive attitude with others around you today. Compliment others. Look for the best in the people around you. Stay away from negative comments. Go out of your way to be nice to everyone you see. Pay attention to your surroundings.

Kitchens for Good works directly with farmers and wholesalers to purchase and rescue fruits and vegetables that are cosmetically imperfect or surplus.

Singing in the shower has never been more fun, now that you’ve got your choice of artists to accompany you with this Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. The Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker for iPhone/iPad lets you pair up to five devices so each member of the family can select their own playlists. $99.99

Water-Resistant Bluetooth Shower Speaker for iPhone/iPad/Android @ Sharper Image Brett would love this. Putting it on his bday gift list Check out the website to see

How to determine if produce is Organic or GMO

Slow Cooker Caribbean Black Beans & Coconut-Lime Brown Basmati Rice with Cilantro

How to determine if you are getting GMO free produce from the UPC bar code numbers

IDEAS FOR CELEBRATING LAMMAS:        Harvest fruits and vegetables from your garden, or pay a visit to a Farmer's Market      Make Jams, Sauces or Wines      Harvest herbs for use in charms and rituals      Make a Grain Weaving or a Corn Dolly      Kindle a Lammas fire with sacred woods and herbs      Sacrifice bad habits and unwanted things from your life by throwing them into the Sabbat fire. Bake.

essenciaeidiossincrasias: “ “ Now is the time of the First Harvest, when bounties of nature give of themselves so that we may survive. O God of the ripening fields, Lord of the Grain, grant me the.

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Dangerous indeed . Every time discrimination became law, bad bad things happened. South Africa under Apartheid legislation, Germany under Nazi rule.

iPod Touch - 5th Generation.......... Please please please!!! I want this so bad please get me it -my family!-

iPod Touch - 5th Generation

iPhone release date rumors in June, analyst says Jefferies analyst Peter Misek believes Apple’s next iPhone will come out in June

Foiled in Congress, Trump Signs Order to Undermine Obamacare

President Trump issued an order on Thursday to allow the sale of health insurance plans that are exempt from some Affordable Care Act coverage rules.

According to recent industry survey, next year there WILL NOT BE ENOUGH bees to pollinate our almond, apple, and blueberry crops. These crops will fail, not because of poor weather or bad growing conditions, but because of lack of bees!

Bee Deaths Create Crisis for Crops: vanishing bees bee deaths crop disaster