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Not too many repeat customers for this blend.

Funny Newspaper Ads entertain us with their unique way of selling everything from cars to pets. This proves you can advertise anything.

no way! What genius figured that out!

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Funny: Crazy newspaper headlines

Did he go to jail for this? I mean for the murder,not for opening the tiny eatery.

Jay Leno Headlines

Jay Leno Headlines is a collection of some the best headlines Jay Leno used on the Tonight Show.

Yes, this is an ob/gyn department, but this is still a bit harsh, no? | 22 Hilariously Inappropriate Mistranslations

22 Hilariously Inappropriate Mistranslations

doctor's office sign cunt examination funny signs lost in translation bad engrossh

One-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers

25 Unintentionally Funny Newspaper Headlines

It was a silent round of applause. One-armed man applauds the kindness of strangers