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Living in Australia I have been fortunate to see Wallabies but I've never seen one with baby sticking out of pouch!!!  WOW (Yael)

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Aussie Kangaroo with Joey in her pouch. Featured in several of my Children's books, and the main characters in two of them--"Kangaroo Clues" + "Kobi Borrows a Pouch"

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Bridled Nail tail Wallaby Onychogalea fraenata there are only around 500 left in the entire world :(

Endangered Species Spotlight: Bridled Nail-tailed Wallaby (Onychogalea fraenata) there are only around 500 individuals left in the entire world.

Moeras wallabies by K. Verhulst...

Moeras wallabies by K. The swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) is a small macropod marsupial of eastern Australia. This wallaby is also commonly known as the black wallaby. The swamp wallaby is the only living member of the genus Wallabia.

Tree Kangaroo & Baby  <3

"This baby red tree kangaroo joey and his mama are residents of the San Diego Zoo. Fortunately, someone at the zoo managed to catch them during this moment of tenderness. It just shows that no matter what the species, a mother's love is unconditional.

Hello Australia

Lucky Bay, Western Australia Come Seek the pristine white sand beaches and crystal blue waters of Lucky Bay, which is also home to many wild, curious, and approachable kangaroos.

Pebbly Beach, NSW, Australia - one of the best places to see kangaroos in the wild.

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