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"The joy of my home tiptoes from room to room on velvet paws.

⚡️ “LOS MOMENTOS FAVORITOS DE @HACERFOTOS (2/1/2017)” https://twitter.com/i/moments/816000524583575556  (Yana, una simpática gata con 2 caritas, visto en @boredpanda en Twitter)

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Meet Yana, The Two-Faced Kitty Whose Parents Ran Out Of Ink C'est le prochain chat le plus populaire du monde!

CHATS : Le Munchkin - Un animal racé qui vous fera craquer !

CHATS : Le Munchkin - Un animal racé qui vous fera craquer !

Kittens are so cute and sweet we wish they could stay the same forever. QuizzClub team knows some tiny cats that seem to be stuck in childhood. Just look at these adorable munchkin cats!

TOP 40 Funny Cats Pictures - …

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Kittens are the cutest animals on earth.

** "Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to flower, Comes a pause in the day's occupation, That is known as the Kittens' Hour." (By: Henry Longfellow.

Pretty green eyes

Cats with green eyes must be rarer than those with blue, brown or yellow eyes. I never see green-eyed kitties! This kitten has the most beautiful emerald eye color I've ever seen. I could get lost in those eyes.

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My first cat would carry around a red pom-pom in her mouth all the time when she was a kitten

Cute eyes more like I love this. Can't say NO                                                                                                                                                      More

30 Happiest Facts Ever

We need to stop crulty and donate to any animal shelters if u can even if it's a penny so they can stop killing and can save more animals and the animals have a good home and a better life give them a chance to live