<b>If you're not happy and you know it...you're about to be.</b>

The 60 Happiest Dogs On The Internet

Need this bulldog...and the sign that comes with it!!!

blah blah blah blah blah Some people just talk to hear themselves talk

Look Ma I is a flying

Amazing Flying Dog: Page from Funny Pictures Another great funny picture called Amazing Flying Dog from lolpix.

Beautiful contrast

"I am hugging you because I love you! Also someone ate one of your shoes but this is not about that." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Shiba Inu so connor

If my dogs could talk, this is exactly what they would say, LOL!

30 Happy Beagle Dogs Having An Epic Party I wanted to do something special for Louie so i organized Louie The Beagle Playday Event. Invite 30 beagles , put them together and add alot of toys. Louie had an awesome time , and so did the other beagles :-).

Floating like a boss

Funny Dog And Cat Running From The Gravity Of The Situation - Funny Animal Pictures With Captions - Very Funny Cats - Cute Kitty Cat - Wild Animals - Dogs

Act natural . . act natural . . (@Janet Williams - this is for you!) Makes me think of when Trooper tried to eat Gabbie!

Act natural..... act natural....

Funny pictures about Act natural. act natural. Oh, and cool pics about Act natural. act natural. Also, Act natural. act natural.

Charley is our Bassett Shar-Pei rescue who loves to eat bunny poop!    Editor’s note: best. face. ever.

Hilarious dog-shame Charley is our Bassett Shar-Pei rescue who loves to eat bunny poop! Editor’s note: best.

Thought this was so funny.

Dog conversation - Still Hungry You've had breakfast Want more breakfast You'll get fat What's fat? It's what happends when you eat to much food Fat sounds awesome! Lets get fat!

Funny Pictures Of Animals | Fun Claw: Funny Pictures Of Dogs - 20 Pics

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#BullyBreedLoversUnite #TopDog

Stop Trying to Make FETCH Happen, It's Not Gonna Happen. It's Mean Girls vs A Tired English Bulldog, too Funny!