One thing Gemini will never do is pretend to feel something they don't feel.

Ummm... why can't I just be quiet. Damn.  But true lol. I shut down real quick when my feelings are hurt or I'm thinking.

A quiet gemini means 2 things: they are either angry/hurt, or they are in deep thought.true but usually the former.

Gemini - outgoing, great listener, the most irresistible, trustworthy, understanding, great flirts, strong, loud, has a beautiful smile, always happy, very forgiving, LOVE IS ONE OF A KIND...

This picture shows the great characteristics of Gemini. Alought I don't conform with all of them, I'm actually a gemini. Is there anyone who is gemini ?


Soooo true, We Gemini do pay attention. when a Gemini talks a lot, its not that bad. But when they are silent, that's the time you need to worry.

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gemini is the best B)

I wish this were true. i hate making assumptions. i need proof before i call u out. and usually i find a knife in my back or my heart is broken before i catch em red hand!