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Known for their timeless elegance and beauty, the Scandinavian design is one of the most popular styles out there. These

30 Stunning Scandinavian Design Interiors

Eclectic Mix: industrial lighting, trophy shelf, gorgeous chippy blue cabinet, deconstructed French arm chairs, bottles, shutters...the list goes on.  WOW

Fantastic rustic finish on the antique blue cabinet. Get a crusty, chippy paint finish with Artisan Enhancement's Crackle Tex!

Un edificio de 120 años - AD España, © Annika von Holdt

En casa de la escritora danesa Annika von Holdt

April and May: April and May hearts


Scandinavian interior design is beloved around the globe for its less-is-more aesthetic and eclectic mix of antique and modern pieces. We rounded up 16 of the region's most beautiful interiors to showcase the breadth and elegance of design from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Here's a new flooring trend we particularly love: weathered hardwood floors in muted tones of grey. They set a lovely tone for the whole room, imparting to any space a cool, beachy, relaxed feel. Still not convinced? Check out these seven examples.