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DAI_never mess with the stormbulls by schl4fmuetze on DeviantArt

My little herold xD She hates water, coz she isn't able to swim hah : D My dreamteam is Dorian, Blackwall and Cassandra! They're the strongest heh~ And I love Blackwalls voice, coz its the voice of.

#dragonage, #ithink....idk what this is but it's great

Why sleep when you can meme?

Dorian is the best of best friends let's be real. I mean, Sera and Cassandra are IMPORTANT too, but DORIAN. And once she starts the romance with Cullen, Dorian teases her about it, which is the best thing ever.

Hawke Family Portrait by izzy1992

The family portraits throughout the years. look at that happy family Hawke Family Portrait

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Dragon Age Strips: Just another day in Skyhold by eisu on DeviantArt (ALL THE TIME. my Trevelyan takes a suicide jump off of the bridge to Cullen's office down to the merchants when she's done 'talking' to him. she might be sending a bad signal.