The many looks of lady Gaga — by the fabulous Illustrator Adrian Valencia. ADORE his retro style, & the colors he used for Mother Monster are spot on!


Ilustrações da Lady Gaga, Penteados de noiva

Lady Gaga's looks. Lady Gaga's fashion is like cosplaying as your OC

Lady gaga, paint pallet makeup

Which Lady Gaga Are You?

Which Lady Gaga Are You? Applause Gaga You are super artsy and creative. It's a goal to keep a clear path for where you are going in life and have fun while doing it.

Everyday Objects Turned Into Imaginative Illustrations by Javier Pérez. // design / inspiration / drawings

Everyday Objects Added to Simple Sketches- actually a good idea to do with your kid. Print pictures of objects/or glue them on and have your child(ren) get creative!

Photography | Atelierblog

Photography | Atelierblog

cameron-stewart: “ Personal work, 2014 ”

Cameron Stewart - Personal work, 2014 (cameron's work has a raised and interesting texture to it, as well as the incredible life-like and lustrous forms of his female characters.

The Etherington brothers blog!

Angry expressions tutorial request came via email from Naomi Anfisa who asked for a tutorial on FACIAL EXPRESSIONS. Another big topic this, so I'm go.

NANCY ZHANG 将插画照进现实的女子。 this is one of my favorite things i've ever seen

Fun exercise to practice illustration! Awesome idea, find photos you like from magazines then create an illustrated version.

Varios estilos para adolescentes

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