Pirates used the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize as a safe haven in the this is also a pirate map our maps compaired to ours is different they do this so normal people if they find it cant understand it and dont know what their up to.

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Las mejores imágenes del mar y los océanos están aquí

An early vision of wind-surfing: a woman holds a sail in order to ride the waves on the back of a sea monster. From Paolo Forlani, Vniversale descrittione di tvtta la terra conoscivta fin qvi (Venice,

Mysterious waters: from the Bermuda Triangle to the Devil's Sea. Tales of missing maritime vessels and rumors of drifting, crewless ships have long colored the popular imagination when it comes to legends of the high seas. From CNN Travel.

Mysterious waters: from the Bermuda Triangle to the Devil's Sea

Sea monsters have been blamed for unexplained maritime disappearances.


Sea Monsters on Renaissance Maps

Medieval Sea Ship Ancient Sea Monster Attacking Ships - Unicorns, Serpents and Mermaids… Medieval Sea Monsters CVLT Nation