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amen to that

35 Funny Minions quotes and sayings Very true thanks to the man that saves my sorry butt everyday.

Thinking about it.. I am Crazy Special

I'm not crazy I'm just special!No, wait.maybe I'm crazy on second.I have to talk to myself about this, hold on.


So we have collected best most funniest Minions Picture quotes collection, Because whatever they do they are always funny and very adorable too, So here we have some Most cool minions Quotes, We ho…

Justin Bieber: I have millions of fans and I'm not even 20 yet. Minion: I have billions of fans and I don't even exist.

I love the minions so much, as for jb I never was a fan of him! The minions are times better!

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Minions Quotes

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Common sense can't be learned. It's a God given talent.

I do and i make alot of people mad about it, but usally the serious moments are for dumb reasons!