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Minnie (Chinchilla / Persian Cross kitten) - Minnie can get a handle on just about anything in life. (pic by Rachael Hale)

"If your cat falls out of a tree, go inside to laugh." --Patricia Hitchcock

Sweetie stikes a pose in the gardens of Jardin de Secrets, Nimes, Languedoc. Photographed by Rachael Hale McKenna for her book The French Cat.

beautiful cat - via: zsazsabellagio - Imgend

Fluffy cat breeds - My Norwegian Forest cat Boots is a twin to this beauteous vision of lovliness :)

Tom (Ragdoll Kitten) - Tom always finds the perfect spot.  (pic by Rachael Hale)

Tom (Ragdoll Kitten) - Tom always finds the perfect spot. (pic by Rachael Hale)

Halloween poesje

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10 Pets Who Found Friendship in Stuffed Toy http://blogs.babble.com/pets/2012/05/27/10-pets-who-found-friendship-in-stuffed-toys/?utm_campaign=babbleeditors_content=post_medium=referral_source=facebook.com=1186#slideshow

31 Super-cute Cats Who Recreated Their Kittenhood Photos (Slide - Pawsome



Louis our Ragdoll Cat. First Shots with Canon and Kodak, color film

cute cat-bear <3  
doesn't cat look thrilled ;)

Teddy cat, teddy cat, what are they feeding you. Teddy cat, teddy cat, it's not your fault.

Rachael Hale 11

Jiminy Cricket (Persian) - Jiminy Cricket may be small but he uses it to his advantage by popping up anywhere.

,Pretty flowers and kitty. Follow me at http://www.pinterest.com/cattreehouse/

Rachael Hale’s pic of the day : Boston, surrounded by roses. Another one of my favorite Rachael Hale’s photographs ! I love pink pictures with flowers and kittens.