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Babe is it funny we saw this right before we got married...and then the other one popped up when were having kids... O.o Your mother must stalk us.

For the record, I DO NOT SHIP ereri but this is pretty funny. I mean, humanity's greatest soldier still gets egged on by his mother

Well Mrs. Ackerman if you can't tell we have twins on the way. *giggles and smiles*

Levi and Kuchel Ackerman. Yeah Levi, how's sex with Eren?


snk levi x mikasa - making rabbits hahaha<<<< wasn't going to pin this till I saw the last part

Omg, but it's so true.  I had a dream I was smashing his head into concrete, but I stopped becuase we both decided his hair was too soft and fabulous.  XD

owari no seraph - Mika and Yuu. I don't ship them but this is sorta funny.

Levi & Eren

EreRi Week Day Cuddling by YummySuika on DeviantArt<<<awww omg

All hail the warrior princess!!

the grand central station of disappointment - here are some ackerman doodles I’ve done of kushel. - part 3 (final)

This is sooo cute!!! if only I knew japanese

I love that it is Manga Eren and Levi:) I can tell because of Erens pretty yellow eyes

The moment we have all been waiting for! >D Sorry it took so long to upload this x( Eren what are you gonna do now? also, should I put this as mature content? da can be annoying sometimes.. Prev...

I love how this is suppose to be a sexy thing but all I can think of is levi only drinking fucking salt coffee to be petty and I relate

Drinkyourfuckingmilk tumblr <<< Armin "keep reading!"

I love that Sasha is leaning on Armin it looks like she is about to puke everywhere while being terrified of the non-cleaner-eating cannibals