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Stuka Marz 42`

[Photo] German Ju Stuka dive bomber on the ground in Russia, Mar note Ju 52 aircraft in flight above

Pilot Ace Erich Hartmann . 5 of the machines he made war on . 1943-44 .

Erich Hartmann was the top scoring fighter pilot of all the combatants in World…

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka wartime propaganda.

Junkers promotional poster, note the word Sturzkampfflugzeug meaning dive bomber… Mehr

Bf 109 G6 Jagdgeschwader 51 (2) | GLORY. The largest archive of german WWII images | Flickr

The is perhaps an airplane of the 6 Staffel of the II Gruppe of the Luftwaffe's JG 51 “Mölders” transferred to the Mediterranean theatre in november

Военная живопись Третьего Рейха. Ханс Лиска

At the next day only planes which are equiped with floats are allowed to splashdown at this airfield. Artwork by Hans Liska.

Rotte of Junkers Ju-87R Stukas

Of course no airplane kit builder would be a REAL model kit builder without at least one Stuka. Italian pilots training on Ju 87 "Stuka", nicknamed "Picchiatello" (crazy one).

Ostfront - Sanitäts-Ju (Ju 52) auf einem Feldflugplatz vor Stalingrad. 1942

1942 versuchte die Luftwaffe mit ihren vergeblich, die Armee in…