IKEA - KOMPLEMENT, Multibøjle, Hjælper dig med at holde orden i tørklæder, bælter, slips og andet tilbehør.Fylder ikke mere end en bøjle, men har plads til at opbevare mindst 18 forskellige stykker tilbehør.

KOMPLEMENT Multibøjle, grå

IKEA KOMPLEMENT Multi-use hanger Grey Helps you to keep your shawls, belts, ties and other accessories in order.

СКУББ Модуль для хранения с 6 отделениями - белый - IKEA

IKEA - SKUBB, Storage with 6 compartments, white, , The hook and loop fastener makes it easy to hang up and move.It is easier to pull the boxes out of the compartments if you hold on to the strap at the bottom.Takes little room to store as it folds flat.

STRYKIS Wieszak na spodnie  - IKEA

STRYKIS Wieszak na spodnie, czarny

IKEA STRYKIS trouser hanger Helps you save space in the wardrobe, as it holds 3 pairs of trousers.

KLIPSK Sängbricka  - IKEA

KLIPSK Sängbricka, vit

IKEA - KLIPSK, Bed tray, Foldable legs make the bed tray easy to store without taking up extra space.You can stand your tablet or book securely in the groove.Charging your tablet is simple, as the bed tray has a hole for the cable.

IKEA - BJÖRNAMO, Afbeelding zonder lijst set v 3, De afbeeldingen hebben een diepe lijst en kunnen worden opgehangen of neergezet.Je kan je huis persoonlijker maken met kunstwerken die jouw stijl uitdrukken.

IKEA - BJÖRNAMO, Picture, set of The pictures have a deep frame and can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf.You can personalize your home with artwork that expresses your style.

Cintre multi-support IKEA 4,99   Possibilité d'y accrocher 28 accessoires ou d'autres cintres.

Celebrities who wear, use, or own Ikea Komplement Multi-Use Hanger. Also discover the movies, TV shows, and events associated with Ikea Komplement Multi-Use Hanger.

IKEA - SKÅDIS, Rolhouder, Handig voor het opbergen van rollen papier, touw of tape.Eenvoudig te bevestigen en te verplaatsen; geen gereedschap nodig.

SKÅDIS Rolhouder, wit

IKEA SKÅDIS Roll holder White Good for storing paper rolls, string or tape.

$4.99 SKUBB Organizer with 9 compartments, white white 8 ¾x13 ½x47 ¼   *Would need at least 3 so price would be more like $15.00


SKUBB organizer with 9 compartments, white Width: 8 ¾ " Depth: 13 ½ " Height: 47 ¼ " Width: 22 cm Depth: 34 cm Height: 120 cm

BARSÖ Espalier  - IKEA

IKEA - BARSÖ, Trellis, The trellis makes it easy to decorate your walls outdoors with climbing plants and gives them the support they need to grow tall.You can mount the trellis vertically or horizontally to suit your outdoor space.


LOSJÖN Cuier, cl as

IKEA LOSJÖN Hanger Assorted colours Easy to mount on the wall. You can either fasten the knobs to the wall using the self-adhesive backing or screw them .

STAJLIG Multifunction hanger IKEA Helps you to keep your shawls, belts, ties and other accessories in order.

STAJLIG Multifunction hanger, white vertical, in/outdoor

IKEA STAJLIG Multifunction hanger White vertical/in/outdoor Helps you to keep your shawls, belts, ties and other accessories in order.

IKEA PS FÅNGST, Hanging storage w 6 compartments, multicolour

PS FÅNGST Hanging storage w 6 compartments Multicolour

IKEA IKEA PS FÅNGST Hanging storage w 6 compartments Multicolour It’s perfect for everything from small things in a child’s room to gloves and soft toys .

SNUDDA Lazy Susan - IKEA what a nice addition to the table for taco night, eh?

SNUDDA Lazy Susan, solid wood birch

IKEA SNUDDA Lazy Susan Solid wood 39 cm Turning function in base makes it easier to serve from.

GARNITYR Storage with 7 compartments, beige, white flower $14.99

GARNITYR Storage with 7 compartments IKEA Storage pockets on the sides provide added space for small items. [for guest room closet]

KROBY Table lamp IKEA Each shade of mouth blown glass is unique.

KROBY Table lamp, nickel-plated, glass