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magical-meow: “ Loving Siblings (by coofdy) ”

Are somewhat longer than its legs. As a result of this length variation, it causes the American Bobtail to possess a slanted stance, almost as if they are slightly crouching at certain angles.

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Beautiful !!! O/

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Front or rear dog bike basket? It depends on the "taste" of the pet owners!

A black and white kitten wrapped in blankets.

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Pet diaries dog vs cat essay Short Essay on Cat vs. Dog for students. We all love to have a pet. Some people go for a bird, snake, or rodent as pet. Most people, however, decide on the more.

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"A cat can work out mathematically the exact spot to sit to cause the most inconvenience." --Pam Brown

My roommate gets mad. I'm the only one who lets him sleep wherever he wants

Pretty please

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tonight Mum will teach me a BIG seceret.about The Red Dot. (Our Kasey loves The Red Dot too!