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Harry Potter Facts Harry's scar has been applied by the makeup department times (approximately times on Daniel Radcliffe; the rest on his stand-ins and stunt doubles).


Harry Potter Facts In most of the films, Harry's glasses don't actually have lenses in them: Daniel Radcliffe just wears the frames.

truth is, I read a book on the history of quiditch.....I knew this long ago.

Harry Potter Facts The original snitch used in early games of Quidditch was really a fat bird called a Snidget. When some wizards thought this was too cruel, the wizard Boman Wright invented the Golden Snitch.

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Harry Potter Facts The only time Fred and George Weasley ever saw each other as old men was when they put their names in the Goblet of Fire. SO sad!

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Harry Potter Facts The woman who played Draco Malfoy's wife in Deathly Hallows Part Two was in fact Tom Felton's current girlfriend.