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toddler making friends with stray cats in the window

A more recent study found that children raised with pets may be healthier as well. Children raised in a home with cats (or dogs) were found to have fewer ear infections and respiratory problems than those without pets.

"Dat Toona sammich sure looks good, Helen!"

My name is Trunte and I like art, design, fashion, music, musicals and theatre. This is a photo parade of the things I like.

引用画像  I think we all pretty much know what that cat is thinking!  LOL

引用画像 I think we all pretty much know what that cat is thinking! LOL

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Abyssinian Cat Breeds

Cute kitten !

Let’s all bow down to Aurora, the Queen of Cats.

Those eyes!

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what is this cat thinking??

Relax cat, relax well here you go let's all learn from this cat. you can relax anywhere you want and moments like this will make for a happy life :) Cat Meditation time

Cat: Moody, wants attention when they want, not when you want, like to be spanked and petted, like to watch what is going on around them, insatiably curious, un-tameable, love to lay wherever it is comfortable, no matter how odd that may be, want to sleep close to you (or someplace warm and comfortable), drawn to things that move quickly, like to eat meat and gnaw on bones, fastidious about appearance (the only one that I don't have or that is not in tune right now?)

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What an excellent picture here. The color and focus on this cat's eye is intense.