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Those girls are bitches for leaving Niall out. I hate those bitches. They should be kicked out of the fandom because they're not true fans. A true fan would include Niall.

repin if you would let Niall bite you ...<< He could bite me all he wants....--I love you guys

You know what is really funny is that my name is Sierra and I would be scared like that too! That is very ironic !

Jurassic Park..........Yes. This definitely happens to me. Sometimes not all.

Jurassic Park XD Yes. From the moment (two days ago) that I watched Jurassic Park this definitely happens to me. Yesterday also, when I waited my mum from the supermarket at evening in the car and was raining hard.

Hahahahaha omg click the link (you'll have to wait a second when the link pops up)

Place finger on dot

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