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A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who shapeshifts into a wolf, either purposely, by using magic, or after being placed under a curse. The medieval chronicler Gervase of Tilbury associated the transformation with the appearance of the full moon, but this concept was rarely associated with the werewolf until the idea was picked up by modern fiction writers.

warnerarchive: “Bad Moon This full-time lycanthrope is a photojournalist by day, and monster by night.

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It was a full moon last Saturday so I figured why not go with something appropriate (also, do I really need an excuse to churn out some Daemonslayers art? So here we have Shade, looking like h.

he Loup Garou is the French form of a werewolf. This creature can change from a human into a wolf at will, unlike a werewolf, who is at the mercy of the moon's phases. The Loup Garou also keeps his human wits while in the guise of a wolf, which makes it no less dangerous. This legend traveled to Louisiana where it became known as the Rougarou.

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The warewolf of zinica is unlike the normal mythical warewolf. instead, it changes from wolf, to a very tall human with a tail. but it still has a human's mind when in the guise of a wolf, making it more dangerous