Alec and Simon

Alec and Simon- it's a sad thought and I feel guilty for laughing but it would happen. it honestly would!

My future

The Mortal Instruments my three kids, Isabelle, Jonathan and Alex/ Izzy, Jace, Alec! exactly how I feel will happen when I'm older my kids will have these names

Whatever you want to call his children and adoptive son.   •Jonathan "Sebastian" Christopher Morgenstern   •Jonathan "Jace" Wayland Morgenstern Lightwood Herondale   •Clarissa "Clary" Adele  Fairchild Morgenstern "Fray"

Probably wishes his father would've given him a more common name than Valentine- pretty that's the reason he turned evil.

I am pretty sure that is exactly how it happened<<< he's technically a Herondale you know wills sister married a lightwood

Oh my goodness. Or he could have thought that Alec was a Lightworm (totally calling them that from now on XD) because Cecily looked like Will and married Gabriel, but yeah, Jace the sarcastic asshole<<<<totally agree. But OMG I love Magnus

This could so happen in the series

I was listening to Galway girl while looking at this and when Ed sheeren said "AYE!

If you don't know what this means, we can't be friends.  "He was 90% sure." *slap* "What was that for? The other 10%"

" *slap* "What was that for? The other Me reí realmente fuerte en esta escena.

What about lemonade with GLITTER in it to get money

Totally true, how else would magnus afford all his sequined shirts and sparkle pants and hair dye. <--- Hehe, I should really just rename my Mortal Instruments board "Magnus Bane stuff".

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