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Snape is such a jerk! (I could call him worse but I’ll leave it up to you guys if you want.

I want this so bad

HP Harry Potter OotP Order of the Phoenix Dumbledore's Army AU where the DA uses the Chamber of Secrets instead of the Room of Requirement

No no no. It's a GAINT squid. It's HUGE and everyone just stares at it in awe as this FUCKING GINORMOUS MONSTER SWIMS AROUND THE CLASS LIKE 'howdy do'

The giant squid (i imagine that student to be albus potter, for some reason). Also, their patronise wouldn't just be a squid, but a GIANT squid

Draco: "Oh, God! I've become a goody two-shoes! My father WON'T hear about this! If anyone tells him, you're dead! Do you hear me??" Everyone: *nods vigorously.*

I like this idea, but Luna actually has DIRTY BLONDE HAIR as described in the BOOKS. It would probably work tho with just blonde hair in general lol