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Pisces Woman Capricorn Man Compatibility Love Match?

Are Pisces Woman & Capricorn Man a Compatible Love Match?

~Bob Marley quote.  Bob Marley was my first love, so how appropriate to have this in my master bedroom.  EPIC.
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This is truth. A man will be all You need and want if he truly loves you. If not he will more than likely do his own thing and push you away. My Husband always told me in his prior marriage he was so miserable he just wanted to drink and push her into someone else's arms. He was so unhappy and always says why do I need to pay for the rest of my life for one mistake. He doesn't. He has finally found real love and he thanks me every single day. Blessed.
"After doing some reflection I realized I had spent the last few years allowing myself to let words persuade me past my better judgement to leave a bad relationship alone and I wouldnt let that happen again. I needed a change I was ready for a change. So I vowed to myself and the man above that I would not waste my time effort and affection on any more dead-end relationships." - #xoWhitney  Today #onxonecole: Find out how Whitney was able to regain self-awareness through celibacy. Click the…

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True that ... lol. Even things you might not want to hear
A real man...

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