10 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

I find a few of these helpful but the rest I completely disagree with. Nothing good ever comes from writing "the easy scenes" and then trying to piece them together and fill in the gaps. Trust me--I know. Or hiring help

Im a writer I swear. < previous pinner, but yes

I will never have enough information about how to fight. Fight scenes ate one of the toughest things to write.

Hehe my full name is Delaney and it's on there! :p < My name's Avery and I can confirm that I am not a boy

Unique Baby Names or book character names.Both of our names are on this list, baby girl Harper and baby boy Grayson!

7 Absolutely Essential Tips for Writing Sarcastically - a guide to ironic writing.

Hannah Heath: 7 Absolutely Essential Tips for Writing Sarcastically<Read Percy Jackson's dialog for inspiration

Obscure color words

List of obscure colour words and their definitions. How fun would this list be for a writing assignment? Change up your writing!

Tip with prompt

The Power of the Quirky Detail